Museum of Science

Boston, Massachussetts 

October 2019 - April 2020

Program Presenter: 

Discovery Center

October 2019 - March 2020

As a Program Presenter, I facilitated hands-on activities emphasizing the use of real objects and age-appropriate tools for early learners (children from infancy to age eight) and supported visitors' in-depth exploration of specific science topics through inquiry-based learning. I also assisted in the training and mentoring of volunteers, interns, and guest researchers in the Discovery Center. 

Education Associate I: 

Traveling Programs

March 2020 - April 2020 (furloughed due to COVID-19)

As a remote member of the Traveling Programs team I designed content for online programming such as Virtual Birding – an interactive “field trip” utilizing audio files, live interpretation, and a slide show to introduce viewers to common birds. I also moderated live “Ask a Scientist” panels by screening viewers' questions, keeping the discussion on topic, and ensuring each panelist had equitable time to speak. 

Science in Action: Virtual Birding

As a remote employee, I developed a virtual program utilizing Zoom backgrounds, photographs, and audio files to engage viewers with natural history material through the computer screen. The program that I presented, along with another museum educator, featured common birds found across much of the US and had most likely been seen or heard by our viewers before - the American robin, Northern cardinal, and American crow.

Unfortunately, the Museum of Science furloughed the majority of its education staff the day after this program went live. However, due to the large rate of participation - with more than 200 viewers joining in and more than 1,200 responses recorded in the Q&A and chat feature - this style of programming continued to be utilized by the Museum of Science throughout its online outreach initiative during the COVID-19 crisis.