Teaching Statement:

I am an interpreter with half a decade of experience working with museums, parks, and zoos of varying sizes in different settings. My academic background is in biology and informal education and I am experienced in working with diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic communities: rural Minnesota, southern Indiana, Washington State, and urban Massachusetts. I continue to explore the design and delivery of educational programming in new settings for new audiences everywhere I go. 

​I strive to use techniques that encourage everyone to engage with science in hands-on ways. I am well-versed in adapting to the varied ages, knowledge levels, and backgrounds of both large and small groups. I am excited to incorporate primary research, authentic artifacts/bio-facts, and live animals (when possible & relevant) into my programs.

In today's world, science has become a polarizing force, something that unearths differences and pulls people apart. But when I think about science - evolution, energy webs, climate change - all I see are connections. I believe that science has the power to bring people together. I am passionate about helping people recognize the ways in which we are all, despite our differences, connected to each other and the incredible natural world around us.